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The first half of the series (if one doesn’t count the first
episode) explores the relationship of a young Brandon Heat and Harry
MacDowell, twenty-five years before the start of the original game. The
primary story follows the pair of small-time criminals entering the
big-league, a syndicate
known as Millennion. The group emphasizes loyalty among its members,
but Brandon and Harry’s strong relationship is disrupted by Harry’s
lust for power and his desire to get to the top with his friend so he
can accomplish his goal: To get what he wants, when he wants. Secondary
to the main story is the relationship between Brandon and his love
interest, Maria. It reveals why Brandon and Maria's relation did not go
any further, because Brandon felt so ashamed of the things he had to do
to get close to the woman he loved. He worked as a sweeper for
Millennion, and due to this, Brandon felt that he could not be worthy
of her love, because he had sinned too greatly in his profession as an
assassin. With that and the realization that Big Daddy, the leader of
Millennion, was also in love with her (as much as a Father loves a
daughter), Brandon ends up letting her go so she could lead a normal
life away from the violence of the Mafia.
In these early episodes, Brandon struggles to decide who is more
important to him: his true love, the Millennion organization, or his
best friend. The first half also introduces the reasons behind the
death and resurrection of Brandon Heat, a product of the necrolyzation
technique developed by Dr. T. This technique was discovered when a
rival gang, The Lightnings, get an ex-soldier named Blood War to join
the group with his men to start a war against Millennion. Blood War and
the Lightning's leader, Cannon Vulcan, die in the end, but not before
Harry and Lee find out about their use of the necrolyzation process.
Harry continues this research under his own initiative, funneling money
secretly to Dr. T's research group in order to develop a powerful
undead army, which he ultimately uses to control the entire city.
The second half of the series picks up thirteen years after
Brandon's death, when he is revived by Dr. T to protect Maria's
daughter, Mika, and exact revenge on the Millennion Organization for
the murder of his friends. By this time, Harry has taken over and
ruthlessly expanded the criminal empire to all corners of the world,
fulfilling his dreams of power. This portion of the story follows the
plot of the original game and expands on characters and events, while
fleshing out relationships in more detail. We see Brandon opening up
slowly to Mika, and Mika falling in love with Brandon, entreating him
to leave his past behind him and Millenion so they can live together in
peace. He, however, ultimately refuses and faces his former friend
Harry in a final battle. Although they are now enemies, Brandon still
holds deep affection for Harry and reveals why he did not kill the
other when he had the chance: Brandon still believed in his best
friend, even unto his death. In the end, Harry and Brandon make amends
and decide to end each other's lives instead of being killed by
Millenion's agents.

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