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RuDe BoReD AnD ObNoXiOuS
RuDe BoReD AnD ObNoXiOuS

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PostSubject: Read before posting   Read before posting Icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2007 3:34 pm

If you would like to become a Moderator for TRR, make your request in a new topic in this forum.

I will then run you through several tasks that I have set up on hidden forums designed to teach you how to use the Moderator functions.

If you complete these tasks successfully then you may become a site Moderator.

Before you apply you must first understand what it means to be a Moderator and what the responsibilities of a Moderator are.


* Uphold the Rules and Terms of Service as they are established in the Rules and Terms of Service section. If any of these rules are broken you must report them to me immediately. To do this, use the exclamation Icon Read before posting Icon_report in the top right corner of the suspected post. Or you can also do this in a private message ONLY, not in a forum topic.

* Recommend our site to other people. If you want to link them to TRR, give them this link:, if you prefer an image link, just let me know and one will be provided for you. When doing this, be sure and state unless they register they may only visit as a guest, and as a guest they can only read the topics. They must register and become a member to make posts and replies.

* Make sure that posts are made in the proper sections. Like if someone posts a video in the general section, you must tell them in a reply to that post that the post belongs in the video section, then make sure it gets moved to the proper forum. (If you are not sure how to do that then just let me know and I will do it. Actually I would prefer that I do it anyway
because sometimes moving/merging/splitting posts and topics can be quite complicated)

* Make stickies of topics that have become popular, so that way it is easier for members to find the good topics.

* Maintain a good demeanor and make quality posts as you are now a Moderator and are the example of how members should behave themselves on this site. That doesn't mean that you cannot have fun and act goofy or funny in the proper forums. After all, we are supposed to be having fun here.

* It is your job to welcome new members, instruct them to read the rules and introduce themselves before they start posting and help them with any problems that they may have.

* If a member breaks the Rules and Terms of Service, you MUST give them a warning with the following message: "You have been warned for violating the Rules and Terms of Service, and as my responsibilities demand as a site Moderator, I have reported this to the sites Administrator. The action taken by the Administrator will depend on the severity of the rule broken."

* Do not ban any members for any reason. I will make
the decision if someone needs banned or not. I may ask you for your
opinion on any matters that include banning someone, but the final
decision and the actual ban itself will be done by me.

Now... this is what a Moderator does. If you still wish to apply, feel free to do so. Remember, you must do it in a new topic in this forum only.

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