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 Updates for 1/28/2008

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PostSubject: Updates for 1/28/2008   Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:30 am

Hello everyone! If you haven't visited us lately, a lot of new and exciting things have been happening on The Random Reply!

  • Members are now able to save their posts as a draft if they choose, then come back and finish it later.
  • We now have a category for full length movies and episodes. Make your requests in that category and I will find and add it.
  • Members can now edit their own messages and create their own User Groups.
  • We now have a our own Gallery for users which also doubles as an image host. Now you can upload your images to our Gallery and use the codes provided to post your images directly to the forums. No more need to use an off-site image host to post pictures and such. Also, unlike most image host's, we do not censor nor delete any material that you upload.
  • An "about me" section has been added to the user profiles.
  • Friends or Foes management : In your profile, you can add members as friends for quick access in private messaging. Or you can add them as a foe and ignore them in private messaging.
  • We have also added the ChatBox the the site. So now you can leave instant messages for all to see and reply to at the bottom of the Home page Index. You may also click the Chatbox Icon at the top left of the box to make it a full screen instant message Chat Room.
  • A music player has been added to the portal. If you would like a specific song added to the player then post your request in the Suggestion Box under TRR CENTRAL Category.
  • There is now an updated version of TRR's notable sites list on the portal as well.
  • The Random Reply has officially been added to over 100 search engines across the globe. Including Google, Yahoo and many other top search engines. Meaning, our little site should be getting some good advertising and more members are surely to be forthcoming.


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Updates for 1/28/2008
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